JSwing Canvas update issue

Hey guys,
First of all I would like to say that JME3 is by far the best 3D graphic engine that i’ve used in terms of “ease-to-use” and quick development, I think I enjoy it so much because it doesn’t take away from the programmer in terms of object hierarchies and OO principals that other more mainstreamed game engines do such an Unity.

I’m having some troubles relating to JSwing and the Rendering canvas, I have integrated the canvas inside JPanels and my layout is working fantastic.
The only problem im having is if I click out of the JME rendering canvas into another JPanel or whatever (Eg, The user is editing properties via the GUI), the canvas pauses rendering
and will only begin rendering again once the user has clicked back into Rendering canvas.

The reason for this is probably efficiency, but I require that the Rendering canvas continually renders even if the user clicks on external JSwing objects.

Is this possible?


[java]setPauseOnLostFocus(false) [/java]


Hey, thanks so much! This one has been irritating me for a while! :slight_smile: