JTabbedPane - TabLayoutPolicy


Hello, I’m pretty new to JMonkeyEngine and I want to make a TabbedPane for a chat-like section with Channels added dinamicaly (when you want to).

The trouble is when the Tab Layout Policy is Scroll instead of Wrap

[java]myTabbedPane.setTabLayoutPolicy(JTabbedPane.SCROLL_TAB_LAYOUT) [/java]

You can’t change between tabs with the mouse.

That was weird because it does every event and action implemented.

I would like to add the natural behavior of that listener (change selected tab), because I could change between tabs selecting the name on the list of “Friends”.

I tried using

· JMeDesktop

  • Adding InnerFrame with the components*
  • Adding swing.JDesktop with the InnerFrame and that frame with the components*
  • Adding JPanel with the components*

    *The components are the Tabbed Pane, Textboxes and Buttons for the chat appareance.

    I thought it was because of listeners troubles on components adding from a public class that extends container used, so I turned it into a private class and also creating the tab inside a method of the main class, but they didn’t work.

    Then I noticed that it worked when I’m not using the Scroll Layout Policy.

    The control works correctly in a JFrame.

    Maybe I need to add the natural behavior explicit. But it works with the Wrap Layout Policy.

    Also the font (color and type) is ignored when I add it to the JMEDesktop

    This is the test with the innerFrame:

    This is why I don’t want this Tab Layout Policy: