(July 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

lol… I was like “wow this shot looks real!!!” then I read it was a paper model. What kind of geek are you? :wink:

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The kind that’s been making models for a while now. :smile:


The ships looks absolutely amazing.

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I felt you didn’t do JJ Abrams justice, so I fixed it :


:joy: you made my day!

So after a rather long hiatus from jme I’m back. AND this time I have something to show off.

First I started with this (the blue sphere in there is just a reference shape for me). An icosahedron or icosphere.

And now I have this!

This is a custom mesh I made with inspiration (and guidance) pulled from here: catch 22 - Andreas Kahler's blog: Creating an icosphere mesh in code .

It’ll be used in a game idea I have where I need to simulate tectonic plates properly(ish). I know it’s not much but hey. I’m pretty chuffed with myself :smile:


I’ve been adding planetary landings to my game Ares:Dogfighter. I’m trying but failing to make the terraingrid seamless (there are gaps) and also make the lighting a bit more interesting, but no matter where I point my directional light, the whole terrain grid is equally lit.


Sounds worthy of its own thread… where you also provide information about whether you are using JME’s terrain, your own, other… and whether you’ve used the lit terrain material or the flat shaded one, etc. Best would be to include code.


Inventory screen v2 migrated from javafx to lemur :slight_smile:


Heheh… neat.

Why? :open_mouth:

My inventory on JavaFX :slight_smile:


I’ve created a new thread about gaps in the terraingrid here: Gaps in TerrainGrid . Any help much appreciated. I’ve searched the forums and it seems to be a common-ish problem, but no obvious solution.

Because Java9 will most likely kill the integration, leaving the sinking shop so to say.

Also lemur is a bit more responsive (tho that alone would never pushed me to do a switch)

I disagree with you, I didn’t research this question, but I believe that I can integrate javaFX with java 9 for myself :slight_smile:

If you can proove this, you would save me from a lot of migration.
→ Note jme → swing → javafx does not count :stuck_out_tongue:

Point is all of the sun.* classes are hidden due to jigsaw, (and yes I know that in 9 at least you can temorparly active the old modi, but at some point that wont work any longer)

I know about this and I’m going to research this later :slight_smile: but I am not going to replace the JavaFX to other UI frameworks because the javaFX is best java UI framework :slight_smile:

Mhhh this looks like crap , better to stick to java8.

I said the same when that new Java5 started causing issues on my code… :frowning:


Also java 10 will include project panama and project valhala :slight_smile: so we have to migrate to java 9 now.