(July 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

So you could say that… Java is awaited in Valhala!

And it will ride eternal, shiny and chrome!


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Or you can just use OpenJFX, which is open source, does not require native code, runs on all platforms, and can easily integrate with jME by implementing the GraphicsPipeline interface:


A bit of a hiatus from college and stuff explained all in our new blog update!

And for the tl;dr:


Some new death explosions:

Extracted from a video of some ink dropping into water hah

And the basic asteroid destrucion:

I’m planning to make some actual breaking up into pieces or at least some sort of indent, but some other time.

Sorry for the large gifs.


Take a look at this MeshSplitting/Procedural Mesh Splitting - by Danni Schou.pdf at master · DanniSchou/MeshSplitting · GitHub
It’s super easy to implement for convex shapes, and fast enough to run in realtime.

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Hey that looks just like the splitting from that one resident evil game. I’ll give it a shot.

Following this problem I took a chance on integrating glBlendFuncSeparate(). Much better result. Many clouds.


It really looks beautifully :heart_eyes:
Well done!

Thank you. But there’s a lot of work left. Moving through the scene does not work that well (yet!) :wink:

New UI system prototype,
I decided to abandon any ui that cannot be integrated into the game directly as far as possible

Here some dummy spam from the to be shipcomputer log

(imagine a flatscreen model that I don’t have around this :slight_smile: )


Heheh. “Cool art goes here.”

Looks cool.

Edit: and if you haven’t already run across talks about “diegetic UIs” then it might be worth a google surf.


The clouds look really great.

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Looks amazing. How about a video? :slight_smile:

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I’ve made a video a while ago, it does not look as good as in the screenshot above but it’s still good. Watch it here!
My current work is on combining the high quality from the screenshot and the “fly through” effect from the video. So please be be patient. :wink:


a true test of the clouds is how they look when you rotate around them … can’t wait to see that =) keep up the good work

I am glad you like it guys! I’ll keep you updated. :slight_smile:

@Steve16384 Have you considered using jme planet?

I can’t say I have as I’ve never heard of it! :slight_smile: I’ll take a look though. Thanks.

Here we have the most basic heavy armor set lying on the floor.


Converting the Lemur TextField to the TrueTypeFont library with a few improvements. I’ve added in word wrapping, while you can scroll left/right in singleLine mode, in word wrap mode you can scroll up/down to reveal text that extends beyond the visible bounds. Also added in the ability to place the cursor by clicking the left mouse button, this works for 2d and 3d UIs even if your text field is scaled and rotated.

I noticed there is a localToWorld method on spatials, but no worldToLocal method so I wrote my own:

node.getWorldRotation().inverse().mult(local, local);

Also made a few bug fixes to the TrueTypeFont library, I'll get that uploaded after adding in a few planned extra features.