(July2015) Montly WIP screenshot thread

@aegroto Sorry to steal the topic from you :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s begin!

Edit: someone who knows French can help me check if the translation was correct please :wink: I used Google translate


Tile material would be better as : “Matériel des tuiles”
Table material would be better as : “Matériel de la table”
But that’s a bit nit picking that was totally understandable.

However “Numéro d’extrémité” sounds really weird, but I can’t really figure what the “End Number” is in the context of the game.

EDIT : For the tiles it’s actually “Tile Type” so it would translate to “Type de tuile”.

Thanks for the feedback. As for “End Numbers”, I found it hard to pick a goos way to say it, but I dunno if I can use “End Pips”, the pip numbers that are on the ends of the game

share you properties, csv file with key + translation a gist, pastein, googledoc/spreadsheet. so we may contribute.

I am at work right now so i don’t have the properties file here. I will make the public as soon as I get home and any other language is welcome as well :wink:

Edit, updated the topic here My First full JME Project: Dominoes - #5 by bloodwalker

mhh ok
Anyway try maybe “Valeur de fin” (end value) or “Chiffre de fin” (that would actually translate more accurately to “end number”)

well…translating without the context can lead to really dumb translations…and since there is not that much word, IMO it’s good like this.

I may help with translation to pt-BR :thumbsup:

Now WIP screenshot:

Now with:

  • Bullet Physics;
  • Custom CharacterControl with slope (based on BetterCharacterControl);
  • Infinite terrain system (walked for 2 hours without problems);
  • Custom merge faces join;
  • Custom multithread queue/dequeue system;

Long time no post from me.

Made a lot of changes to my game.

  • gui improvements
  • performance increases (~80fps on full hd)
  • Usage of Shaderblow for Terrain with AlphaMap creation
  • Worldnavigation
  • and many more…
    but still not playable :wink:

native SoftBody physics is on the way :smiley: Yeah !

is still a lot of works to do, but at least i have a result.


Tip: Don’t search on Google Images about SoftBody like I did… :scream_cat:


Hi, I’m new here. What my project is basicly about is assembling ships from modules you find floating around/salvage from destroyed enemy ships and exploring space doing contracts and stuff. Used to be a JavaFX game but I recently switched to jme because it just wasn’t cutting it :stuck_out_tongue: Currently working on the first build of the port.

More info.

P.S. @RatKod that looks amazing!


An early shot of my grass area system :smiley:

A screenshot :


@stomrage This video is private

I reworked my background system to allow for better control over what is displayed. I also added the option to enable SSAO into the scene.


My bad, it’s ok now :wink:

Looks good,

I suggest to also add to the mesh a distance factor, so the grass fades a bit out at the end, this will remove most of the remaining artifacts you have.

Really reminds me of terraria from the optics :slight_smile:

Initial work on an end game screen:


Still working on my online mage game:

As you see I added a couple more models (from here: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/75729. That guy offers a whole load of medieval models with a CC0 license - awesome!). The main changes are in the networing code though. Client-side prediction and all the connected mechanics are now working (almost) properly.