(June 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

I LOLd so hard reading this :smiley:
Best one is this though:

If You Can Read This Then You Are Literally Literate

Also you can add something like:
“No [insert some animal no one has ever heard of] were harmed in making this game”

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most funny was this one for me

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"If you need powerups then just look under there…

Hah, you just said underwear."

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iz good also




Pretty. Heck, some of those shots are good enough they could be the basis for environment maps. :slight_smile:

Hm, I don’t like this blurry overexposed style.

I think it looks really cool, reminds me of sort of an old Egyptian style. What is the story of the game again?

Also like @winhelp I think you could tone down the bloom a bit and perhaps turn on anti aliasing?

looks super cool but like @MoffKalast and @winhelp it’s much blurry.
maybe you can rename this the liblurry


Yeah, it looks a bit as if the main character was astigmatic, are you using fxaa instead of msaa by any chance?

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…lol…yes…its a bit oversaturated…i havent finished yet, just throw out what i have at the moment, but yes, it should be better to reconfigure settings a bit…hehe

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Sorry for the very poor quality of the vid… stuttering at the start is due to the recording and google downgraded the quality of the vid A LOT.

Anyway, shows the new stuff it supports:

  • multiple paths per track
  • crossroads leading to multiple tracks
  • better driving AI

What it doesn’t show:

  • editor’s extensive new path tools
  • other editor enhancements

Lol, nice! :smiley:
This is exactly what I had as my first JME Game ever.
Though I did the tube modelling in blender and it sucked and the physics and whatnot :stuck_out_tongue:

You just need MOAR SPEED! :wink:

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Hehe, thx :smile:

Tubes are procedural here, and 100 % of the circuit was made with my editor.

I can add some speed; currently trying to achieve the sensation of speed through other ways, but I will raise the max speed at some point. This being said, the higher the speed, the harder for the AI/path to avoid obstacles… but I have ways to deal with that.


SkyHussars R6 is out

Release is available here:

The most important new features are:

  • Number of maximum planes increased to 32.
  • No infinite bullets. Right now bullets have a range of 2km, after that they disappear.
  • Plane physics is now on a separate logic thread. Physics are multithreaded.
  • New background image in main menu with first SkyHussars logo.
  • New font for SkyHussars.
  • Very very very simple AI. It tries to keep the altitude, badly.
  • Slightly change ground texture configuration to make it look better.
  • Terrain features are changed, unfortunately water is not visible this time.

I had very limited time of development for this release, but I think it was quite succesful.

The obligatory video:


Got some more done on my “Death March” game:

The game is kind of like a cross between chess/checkers, battleship, and Minesweeper… if they ate a pack of D&D cards and had a baby.

You can see from his expended resources that he just placed a wizard. Time to probe for where he is using my archers.

For the super curious, a whole sequence of moves here:


I’ve recently released the first download of Ares:Dogfighter. Here’ a new gameplay vid to show progress:

I’ve had some people tell me they have performance problems, but it works fine for me (as is always the case). In the meantime I’m slowly adding features bit by bit.


Another screen taken from Skullstone, with 2nd style of dungeons.


Experimenting with Lemur and custom shaders. Custom shader overlays border icon with background icon as I don’t like to do it using geometry layering. (Shamelessly taken icons from Starcraft2 as placeholders.)

And a bit bigger version with ugly not scaled text.