Just a simple hello to the community

Hello everyone. I know this is not a particularly useful topic and you can delete it if need be. Just wanted to say a warm hello to the community and a thank you to all the people that contributed to this engine. After a lot of time I’ve decide to start my game development adventure with this engine and am just fascinated with what people from this community have created. It’s been a hectic year with me bouncing all over the place technology wise in order to determine how I should start. From the classic Unity vs Unreal debate to dabbling with opengl and vulkan with c++ then porting it to the rust language (as a side note, man did I grow to hate c and c++ in this process. Been a couple of years since I worked with the language and I have no problem working with manual memory management but man, even in this day and age the libraries are full of unreadable macros. I digress). I’ve been a simple enterprise software developer with java for 5 years but never used it in this capacity so I can’t wait to see how java is used with unsafe and direct byte buffer for off heap memory and how the engine is designed.

TLDR: Just wanted to say hello and thank you to the community for the engine and hope that some day I’ll have the necessary knowledge to contribute. Maybe by the time project valhalla and panama are in the jdk and lwjgl is rewritten to suit those changes I’ll get there :))!


Welcome :slight_smile: at start i can say JME is designed to be more profesional friendly than new developer friendly. but you seem to be advanced one :slight_smile:

i mean there are lack of “if user did something wrong, fix it”, but it works little faster thanks to it.

about tutorials please see:


also please in JME IDE(jf you use it because you can use other IDE) you can open JMETest project that contains a lot of tests/example codes.

if you plan using other IDE JME have gradle support.

JME use LWJGL(currently on 2.* version as i know - but you can switch)

LWJGL use Java JNI to use opengl written in C. I belive you know what is JNI, if not, then its like wrapper for C functions.

Physics you can setup c based, or java based.

there are 3 libs:

  1. jme-bullet - used like wrapper for both below
  2. jme-bullet-native or jme-bullet-native-android - c versions (better one)
  3. jme-jbullet - java version (kind of outdated - noone have source of it ;/)

you include 1 + (2 or 3), not all.

Physics is not too fast, because it have lack of for example GPU CUDA/etc.

Everything other as i know is Java.

This is why engine is fast, because it mix c(opengl) and Java.

It works on linux,windows,android,macx(had some issues i seen but works as i know)

consoles will be problem for java ;/

Anyway as i understand you are a clever person, so you will want to see this in code yourself :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.

JME use LWJGL(currently on 2.* version as i know - but you can switch)

Already did a couple of examples from the site and used lwjgl3 with maven. It seems to work just fine with lwjgl 3 :smiley:

consoles will be problem for java

Not planning anything for consoles, just want to learn at the moment.

Thanks for the info!

you can search forum about lwjgl3, some of topics might be old, but i seen it had some issues.

I use LWJGL3 also - no issues so far, except that you can’t open an AWT context on the main thread (i.e., no AWT/Swing UI).

Welcome to the community, and good luck with your game dev endeavours!

Bullet physics is quite performant on the CPU. GPU physics are a very mixed situation - on the one hand, you can easily handle 10x+ more rigid bodies on a GPU at interactive framerates than a CPU can handle. On the other hand, if your graphics are straining the GPU, tossing more work at it is only going to cripple your game even worse. Since many games do heavily load the GPU, I suspect this is why GPU physics haven’t caught on very well. However, for multiplayer games, GPU physics server-side are a huge benefit - and I do very much wish Bullet had good support for that.

Welcome home, my friend.
I just started my game 1 week ago with this fancy engine and I can tell you there are many things to learn and hours of desperation trying to make things work properly; BUT it is worth it. :). I love programming and jmonkey engine.