Just a thought I had

Did you guys really miss the opportunity to call Appstates Apestates?


Can we get a yearly speech from the core devs on the state of jME? You could call it the “State of the Ape” address.


It may not be aperopriate.


I don’t see why. I would think that most of us would go bananas for an annual speech about our favorite game engine.

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Maybe they should’ve gibbon it a shot before.


We are usually too busy monkeying around…

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Also, Jaime needs a top hat and a beard. Then it can be renamed Ape Lincoln.

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Oh… man… somewhere I have a whiteboard picture I drew of a “serious monkey”…

Ahah… the search worked:


This thread is truly bananatastic!:chimpanzee_cool::chimpanzee_cool::chimpanzee_cool:

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If two of us post a reply to this thread at the same time, do we get a ConcurrentModificationException? Or is that when two threads on the forum link the same image…

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A better, more philosophical question, is it even possible to reply at the exact same time?

What is time?

Well no, since the server’s net card can only receive one packet at a time. Maybe if it were hooked up directly to a multimode fiber and could multitask. But even then it’s sequential afterwards.

It would need to be threads all the way down.

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But MY time is a piece of wax, fallen on a termite… that’s choking on the splinters.

goes bananas