JVM Crash, fglrx driver, a work around

So I'm running Ubuntu 8.04 laptop with an ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 graphics card. Was originally using the open source driver and getting horrendous FPS so I changed over to the proprietary driver (fglrx) to great results (on glxgears I went from 300 FPS to 1700 FPS, in my code I went from 1-3 FPS to 60-100 FPS).

However running my code would result in a JVM Crash which I narrowed down to locking my terrain block. The crash would result whether I locked the TerrainBlock directly or if locking a node it was attached to.  

Digging deeper it seems the crash happens at the end of the findNatives method of java.lang.ClassLoader when called from LWJGLRenderer method draw.

In my code it only happens when locking the TerrainBlock, locking a Spatial doesn't cause any problems. However when I run TestProjectedTexture i get the same crash though in that code it's locking a terrain page. TestShadowPass works fine and it locks a plain Node. TestTerrainTrees locks the rootNode and though it doesn't crash the same way, it doesn't run either.

I realise that findNatives is called quite a lot but maybe some of this info will be of use if someone decides to look into it. Otherwise if you have JVM crashes try commenting out your terrain locks and see what happens.


Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Sounds like it might be a problem locking objects that also use VBO?