JVM profiling

Given the recent issues we’ve had with garbage collection in jME, I thought these links may be of use. jvmstat displays “the amount of memory the eden, two survivor spaces, and tenured generations are using” graphically. Sounds like it could help us. Also, here is a guide to tuning garbage collection.

If you’ve seen these links before … err, oh well. If not, great! I hope they’re of some use.

ive played around with the tuning the GC, unfortunetly, the default setup is by far the best.

Adding a bigger footprint means that the GC will be called less for minor collections, but when the GC does kick in, the stop amount is around 15 secs for a 1000 particle system alone. I dont know about an entire system!

increasing the young generation didn’t help either, as far too much RAM was being used, and didn’t give a siginificant improvement.

decreasing the young generation, well, that was horride!

I tried JET, i got a faster startup time, but a DROP by 10 FPS!

its weird, I jet sent me an email about telling them how good JET is, i told em it i wasn’t helpful to me, and now they want the .prj file, and the entire jME!