Hi everyone, I would like to share a small application I have been working on over the past few weeks. I’m still a jME novice and this was a great way to help me learn more about it. That being said, I would appreciate any kind of feedback, especially about how things could be improved code-wise or better ways to do stuff.

Basically, the intent of the program is to be a port of WoWModelViewer to Java. There is still a lot of work to be done (textures for instance). Source code can be found here: http://www.synaptik.com/downloads/jWowModelView-0.1.zip. In order to actually use it though you’ll need some M2 files.

Currently supported:

  - Animation frames (does not use jME’s Bone classes – this is a TODO)

  - Submeshes (has to be defined in code – in the future I plan to allow dynamic showing / hiding of submeshes)


Pretty cool.  Are there actual max/maya/blender/etc. export tools out there for this format?


I made a Blender import script. You can reach the page on BlenderArtists forum clicking the link in my signature. Unfortunatelly I stopped its development because of the non-honest behaviour of 2 developers who told me they wanted the code to help me and, instead, they just taken the code and never contact me anymore. :’(

I see that your loader is in a more advanced state, then mine. You made a good job.

Fun! Def. gonna use this to have a model to play around with later.

First thing I had to add tho was a button to loop which animation to show, that made it more fun ^^

you could have a look at http://www.wowmodelviewer.org/ -> downloads -> developer The source of the actual model viewer can help you certainly out in some points if you understand c++

Woaahaha. It was surprising to see this thread here.

Hi! Im Ganku … this is the work i did so far…

Old map rendering did by Hand.

My Editor.

So far done is support for adt, dbc and wdt files. m2, wmo are the next on my doto list.

Of course also mpq and texture loader is done by other cooperating java coders and ready for use.

I wanted to ask you for maybe cooperate a little bit since out work seems to be not too different.

I just went over to jME this days after i decided that my own 3D code is just to slow :confused:

m2 Models are #2 on my todo list. Maybe we can have a smal chat. I will write you an pm.

I did the whole work by hand. I know many of the other c++ sources floating around for export or re-import this kind of WoW file structures and i just can tell you: KEEP your fingers away from them! They are a mess. Realy.

And: Good work :slight_smile:


Your screen shot looks very impressive! Was it done using jME?

At the moment, I'm working on adding textures and also optimizing the animation for the models. With the old source I was only able to add 20 "Landro" models before my machine came to a crawl, with the code I have now it's about 200. Not too bad, but I still have some tweaks I need to make before I release it.

BTW, feel free to contact me via e-mail.


No it was written with bloody selfmade J3D OpenGL code.

I still cannot belive that i did that. But my binary classes are much more powerfull then that screen. Thats why i want to change to jME.

I had a problem using your sample. I cannot resolve this classes here


Used in Game.java f.e.

And i wrote you email to the same adress as given by the forums.
Maybe its spam, i dont know ;)

Edit: Seems to be a version conflict at jME :/ *grmml*