Keep on

Hello guys,

present and past developers and project managers.

I just want to say that, even if I don't have enough time to attend jME forum and project actively anymore, I constantly watch jME progress.

Recently, during last winter edition of LinuxDay, in my city, I presented a conference about jME and my MD5 Reader 2. Unfortunately I cannot show you it, because nobody recorded the events with a cam.

Furthermore I catch every opportunity to talk or write about jME.

Keep on :slight_smile:

Hey Ender, thanks for coming by with the encouraging words. Nice to know you're still keeping an eye on us :slight_smile:

Hello erlend_sh,

I came back to jME forum for this quick post after I saw OpenWonderland.

I am about to establish my own company and it is, obviously, in the field of entertainment and videogames for mobiles (Android, iPhone, …).

OpenWonderland is very interesting, since it is based on jME and adds a lot of ready to start features. I want to see if it is possible to do something with it.

Of course, mine will be commercial project, but I can release part of the code with the exception of some propertary code, used to load my own 3D file format.

If I see that it will be the right choice for some of the projects I am planning, you will probably see me soon back here in the forum.

That's cool Ender, best of luck with the start-up. The OpenWonderland guys are great. If you need to contact them you just have to stop by their mailing list and they'll be with you in a flash :slight_smile:

For contributions back, we'd (I'd) be especially interested in everything Android/mobile related!

I agree with Erlend, I've been attending the OpenWonderland developer meetings the past few weeks and have been really enjoying it.  There's no meeting this coming week, but there will be a meeting again the week after.  They're held in-world and (I think) are a great way of getting an idea of the value of something like Wonderland… has information on when developer meetings will be happening, what the subject matter will be, and how to connect to it.  The planned topic for a week and a half from now, if I remember right, was some community based in-world editing.