Keep turning

              hi all.I created planets in 3dmax an animated them.they are turning around sun.  but when i put them in java they turn only one time.

        how can i make my planets keep turning?

Missing some information here, like how did you get your animation into JME? (which model format and importer?)

Assuming its the 3ds importer for now- there will probably be a controller attached to the main node it creates.

Try looking at that node for an animation controller and setting its repeat type to wrap - e.g.

Node myObject=(do import);


Personally though, I would actually connect and animate the planets separately in JME rather than setting it up as an animation.

how can i use your codes? I used like that

   if (modelToLoad12 == null) {
            modelToLoad12= Gezegen.class.getClassLoader().getResource(

you will need to scan the imported node hierarchy and find where the controller is…

then set that controllers repeat type to either cycle or ramp as JOC already noted…

have a look at SceneWorker or SceneMonitor, both are scene inspection tools…

you can find a topic here;

    Does SceneWorker or SceneMonitor  works only jme1?If  they work in jme2,can you say another way for my problem.Because I can't install jme2 because of my internet connection

scene monitor is jme 1+2 compliant where as scene worker is only available for jme2…

I agree with JOC, if you are making the planets rotate around the sun then you might as well just add the "physics" to make them spin without animation. Probably easier, no? In fact, you can then later manipulate the rotation due to another planet's proximity etc… which might be harder with animation.