Key Events being eaten by the JME Window

I have a swing application that has a a JME application in a Frame and if the JME Frame is in focus all of the Key Events are eaten by that Frame.

Is there a way the JME can pass the Key Event down to the rest of my application?

Is there a way to have the inputManager to not consume the Key Event?

inputEnabled = false?

That will disable all input to the JME applicaiton.

I am looking for a way to have keys that are not registered as a trigger pass through the JME Application Frame to my underlying Swing application.

I had the same problem and didn’t find a solution, in the end I left it as it was just a test application and I had no real use for the functionality. The work around I did find was that if you click onto a different application entirely then click back all the swing inputs will work until the next time you click on the JME3 canvas. Then JME3 grabs anything until you click away and then back again.

Where in JME are the keys grabbed I need to see if I can have them sent to the swing applicaiton as well as the JME app.

I thought that I could grab them at the frame level but that is not the case.

I am aware of the input system and if I cant find a different option I will have to use that and manually recreate a key event to send to my swing app.

I am looking for a way to grab the awt key event to send directly to the swing app. I didnt know if there was a way to have the raw input listener send it.

I didn’t find a solution, but as I said I didn’t look very hard as it was just in a testbed I used for checking out some rendering/shaders/etc.