Key input actions fire on key press and release?

I did this input action like i've seen it done in JmePhysics2:

final InputAction fireAction = new InputAction() {

yes, this is intended behavior. you can probably use evt.getTriggerPressed() to figure out if it is a keypress or release.

Ok, i read the wiki on inputhandlers (should have done that earlier) and it works as i expect when i add the action like this:

InputAction buttonAction = new InputAction() {
            public void performAction( InputActionEvent evt ) {
      , 100000f);
KeyBindingManager keyboard = KeyBindingManager.getKeyBindingManager();
keyboard.set("fire", KeyInput.KEY_SPACE);
input.addAction(buttonAction , "fire", false);

but that other input.addAction(xxx) now seems inconsistent to me.
how do You know it's intended  BTW ?

Sometimes you need to know when the key is released because you want to have something to last as long as the key is down without calling it each frameā€¦ what's wrong with it? Simply insert that condition drfugly posted if you want to know key-down only.

Nothing wrong with it as i still can use the other method, i just didn't find it documented.