Keyboard input issue

Hey guys,

It seems that if you add a KeyInputAction to an InputHandler with allowRepeat set to true and BUTTON_ALL set, key released events never get fired.  So basically:

myInput.addAction( myKeyAction, DEVICE_KEYBOARD, BUTTON_ALL, 0, true );

It looks like the reason for this is that when the key is released, it turns off the repeating trigger, never sending the release action.

Irrisor, is this something you can look into?

Funny thing… I was just doing something like this, and I expected it to work like you describe it does now.

Not that I'm saying it shouldn't work like you want it to… but I switched from down/release to repeat to avoid missing a 'release' if the app doesn't have focus. Thus I no longer had a need for release at all. Not that it would hurt, and when I think about it now I can up with some ideas of how you'd want to use it.

I am actually using the non-repeating mode myself, so I'm not begging for a fix,  but it seems that if you release the key, it should say so given we have the boolean flag in the event for checking that.

It's a reasonable request for sure :slight_smile:

Only posted because to me it didn't feel like a bug… and uh, well… like I said, I just did the same thing. Sometimes that's reason enough to post… You don't always need a good reason :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, as Llama I thought that it would be the expected behaviour. Basicly because the old stuff acts that way.So it's not a bug but a feature :wink:

If we agree upon firing a release event in repeating mode also, I can implement it. For me it would be ok (not needed by myself though).

It pains me to do so, but I must side with Renanse. :wink: