Keyboard on android

I’m new to programming for android. I got my game visible and the nifty controls working. But I can’t play my game cause its controlled by keys.
How do I get the keyboard visible?

Who wants to control a phone game with the onscreen keyboard :?

You need to rethink your game controls and work out a way to make them work on the touchscreen. for example touching certain areas of the screen might make you move in a certain way.
Innovate :slight_smile:

Ok I can think of areas to touch. But how do I make the touchscreen work? I’d like to use the motionsensor too.

Did you try enter “touch” in the wiki or manual?

What kind of game are you making? I think you should play some games on your phone and see how it’s done mostly.

I used nifty GUI for my on screen controls and used it as analog controls. It’s not fully working yet, but it?s shaping up nicely. See this thread:
Using a screencontroller as a joystick/gamepad

Feel free to ask if you have questions.