KeyframeController vs JointController

Is the KeyframeController only used in converting some formats? I was working off some examples and tried to get a keyframecontroller (futily of course since one didn't exist) and I'm wondering, was KeyframeController supposed to replace JointController, it seems like something I read implied that it was a replacement but I probably just misunderstood.

Does a JointController offer anything Keyframe doesn't or vice versa, it looks like JointController doesn't support cloning but that might not be the case. Is there something I can do to control whether or not the file uses joint controller or keyframe or possibly setup a keyframe controller after the model is loaded.

Is there currently a simple way to handle animations such as by a name (like walk or run etc) or do we have to know the keyframes that actually make up those actions?

same questions

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  1. has every model milkshape, md2 + md3 specific controllers? for example milkshape ->jointcontroller,
  2. what are the general differences between these controllers?

    pls answer?

In jME there are only KeyFrameController or JointController but kman has some different controllers in his model loading stuff that works off commands. I've been on vacation and haven't gotten to play with it much but if you stick with the core stuff you have two choices, if you look for the alternatives in the forums it seems the ones that are working all had to use their own controllers.

Support for COLLADA went into CVS about 30 minutes after DanKs latest post.

That means weighted skeletal animation and skinning :slight_smile:

pls answer

Oooooh, can't wait to check that out then… I haven't gotten any work done on my game in about 3 or 4 weeks now (seems like an eternity) and this might be some really good motivational news to get my going again. Moving into a new place today and that's been eating at my time etc but in theory in my new place I'll have a lot easier time working (probably especially now that collada support is in I hope).