KeyListener with SimplePassGame

This is my first look at JME and I am absolutely loving it. It is such a step up from Java 3D which I have some familiarity with. After taking a good look at the TestProjectedWater demo and messing with the code I had some troubles. The key listener to move the camera seems to be added automatically from some parent class. I wanted to bind the camera to an object with ChaseCamera and then move the object with the keyboard to scroll through the world. I went through the Flag Rush demo and I am trying to implement my code the same way but since the camera is already binded to the keyboard listener I don't seem to be able to control my block object with the keys as well. I guess I am not understanding how to override the keyboard listener that is already binded to the camera. If anyone could help I would appreciate it. :?

if you look at BaseSimpleGame, you see that a FirstpersonHandler is created for you.

if you dont want that, you can do a "input = new Input();" in simpleInitGame()  to get rid of the input handler.

Thanks for the reply that worked no problem. I am sure it was the first of many dumb questions I will be posting so thank you. 8)