Khan Academy videos

I’ve recently come across this site and highly recommend it to anyone wishing to learn the basics of almost any mathematical topic:

It teaches each subject in a very pedagogic manner with videos and lots of examples.


just watched a few videos, they’re really good, thx

Yeah. Those videos can be found on YouTube. The only thing that slightly annoy me about Khan is the way he talks, he sometimes goes on a tangent or gives the impression he’s not sure how to explain some things. He does a pretty good job though. He’s very verbose at some point. I prefer straight talk, right to the point. :wink:

@madjack then it becomes boring in the long run.

@iamcrasy I would use impatient… :wink: More than once I “told” him to “Get on with it! Stop yapping and say what you have to say!”

While on the subject of Math. There are several college courses on YouTube worth the watch. They are usually much longer, like close to an hour, but some of those teachers are very good on give visual examples.

There’s a great TED video about it too: