Kill 1.0?

Any reason why we continue to point people to 1.0? 2.0 is just as stable and has additional features. I've noticed a number of threads discussion which version to use, indicating that there is confusion. I propose only having links to 2.0 on Google and removing links to 1.0. (Leaving it up for those who look, but reducing confusion for new comers).

Yeah, there's nothing better about 1.0 that's for sure…  And those wanting api stability could just as easily check out svn and not update.  Do we have a 2.0 autobuild making jars people can download?

we could just label the current version of 2.0 as well having a latest "stable" binaries package etc

Wiki (and most of the forum) is still about 1.0. That's why it's probably better for newbies.

Also, they can rely on 1.0 never changing.  It's been pretty heavily tested and has been considered stable for a while. If someone is wanting stability over features 1.0 still might be the route to take.

What if we bundle 1.0 and place it on the google code download section.

This would give the download for 1.0, repo for 2.0.

Only major change is 1.0 would be set as final, with no more changes/bug fixes going into the repo. (which could be removed to reduce confusion further).

I like it…that should reduce the confusion while still making it readily available for anyone that wants it.