KinematicRagdollControl not finding SkeletonControl

If anyone could clerify if there is a way to assign the skeleton control manually to the kinematic controller (seeing as it does not recursivelly search for it), or a way to move my skeleton control to the root node.

I’m trying to add a ragdoll effect on an enemy and player death. The problem I’m having is that my skeleton control is not in my models root node. With all the other controllers you can retrieve it from a child node and continue from there. I have created the controller and know how to switch from BetterCharacterControl to KinematicRagdollControl on death, just need to set the skeleton.

KinematicRagdollControl is kind of stand alone, you could simply make your own or subclass it and add your recursive search of the skeleton.

Oh ok sweet I’ll have a look at it thanks.

I finally got around to futher tests.
At the moment I’m struggling with the ragdoll falling against the ground and then continue strait through it. I have tried ccd, joint limit, assigning collision groups and increasing collision box size but nothing.

I would also like to have a functionality of applying local physics. I have extended AbstractPhysicsControl in my ragdoll class to achieve this but it does not seem to work.

I did not mean that you reimplement the control, I was just saying that you could hook the recursive search into it.

I didn’t reimplement it, just made changes where it tries to acces the controller.