Knowing when ThirdPersonHandler updates Rotation of controlled Object

Is it possible to find out when the ThirdPersonHandler updates the rotation of the controlled object?

I need this information for sending to the server which would then broadcast this to other clients. 

Using KeyInputListener and MouseInputListener seems to be getting these events before ThirdPersonHandler can process them.  Meaning, when the mouse has been rotated and is detected with MouseInputListener, getting the rotation of the controlled object will be a value before the ThirdPersonHandler has had time to process this event.

Is there a way to extend one of the ThirdPersonHandler classes to inform some interface that the action is complete?  Or is there another way of doing this?


I would say extend the Node class then (in the updateGeometricState() method) check to see if a saved rotation is the same as the last…

Or create your own ThirdPersonHandler  which with a your own ThirdPersonLeftAction etc.

In ThirdPersonLeftAction.performAction() you can inform your interface that a rotation is happning.