Kubuntu having issues with jmonkey

i played with jmonkey about a year ago on windows and i remeber the viewport having a turning globe.now i am running kubuntu with jdk 7 and the issues are the view port is blank and i dont know it the view port is working or not. the second issue is blend files and obj files wont conver to j3o

to save time a took a screenshot

Looks fine, there is no more globe or hints. Click the ā€œiā€ icon in the upper right of the window to see the stats display. How do you try to convert? You created an AssetPack project there and no game project, are you aware of that?

Ok i was afraid the view port was not render. I was trying to conver them by left clicking and selecting conver to j3o.

i was aware then i created an assest pack but not aware that there was a game project.

Ok I went back and created a basic game project.

ok I got it thank you, I think I just needed to have it in game project for it to convert.

Also make sure you update the sdk to the latest stable version (Help->Check for Updates)

I installed the updates but still no .blend support it can only convert objs which is ok.

btw how do I apply a textures to my models?