KVM Switch

I’m looking into KVM switches to hook up my main PC and my linux laptop. My Keyboard is PS/2 and the mouse is USB. Standard VGA monitor hookup, no DVI required. Any recommendations?

I have used Belkin Omni Cube 4-port for the past few years. Seems pretty robust and not too expensive.


I went with a IOGEAR MINIVIEW KVM SWITCH which according to the reviews handled gaming very well. It was a little more expensive then most others but the reviews were quite high. I did also go ahead and get the 4 port since you never know when I might get another system that I want control of.

I have an IOGear 4 port at home (not the miniview one, though). It’s all PS-2, or I would have posted earlier (I should have thought of suggesting the brand though… oops).

It works well. Absolutely no problems with it.


Good choice, I’ve got a MiniView USB KVM for my mac and PC - works fantastically.