You’ll see that I’ve started applying new labels to some membergroups, that I think will make a better depiction of the role at hand rather than those stars. You’ll find that me and Momoko_Fan are still administrators, but e.g. in momoko’s case, he’s a developer first, administrator second.

I would like to mark all committers (google code developers) with their new tag, but I don’t know who is who just by looking at that list in google code. So, please let me know if you are an active committer so that I may ‘mark’ you (board moderators and such will still have that role as ‘runner up’, the way I explained it).

Naturally, once we know (by debate) which of the committers desire developer status, they’d get be tagged as ‘developer’ from thereon.

Oh, and I’ll have to see about making a change to the ‘Moderator’ labels as well…