Large TerrainPages

I've been messing around with jME lately and recently just finished working with terrain pages. I really love how it is setup and how you can create terrains just from a grayscale image.  Now, I would like to create much larger terrains than what I currently have (257x257) and was wondering how to approach this in jME2. I currently have 2 ideas on how this should be done, but don't know which way is better:

  1. Create a larger grayscale image for my terrain.
  2. Create several smaller grayscale images and try to line them up for 1 large terrain.

    If the latter is the better choice for this idea, how does one go about "connecting" multiple terrain pages together so it feels like 1 fluid terrain?

    Thanks in advance.

you know, the hardest part with the greyscale image is that you have to make all of their edges line up, or else the terrain will have seams in it.

How a greyscale image works is that it represents a value between -1 and 1, -1 (black) representing the lowest possible point and 1 (white) representing the highest point.

another option of using greyscale images to represent this height data which works with terrain pages would be to generate your height values with procedural noise functions and feed them in to the terrain page, skipping the heighmap altogether.

Check out my post

for how to do this, including source code

That is a very interesting project and I love how smooth it makes the terrain. I will definitely try using this in the near future. Though, I guess my question still is should I just create larger images for a terrain, or make multiple "mini" terrains?