Larger Scenes using JmonkeyEngine

Hi there !
Is it accessible for Jmonkey to make larger scenes like Jurrasic World Evolution Game Level

or something like Hunger Games Level

, Is there a way to build these scenes without the need to do a ton of classes for just a Game Level :joy: , & if anyone knows a good tutorial to teach me more about the creation of larger scenes,I would appreciate that !
Thank you & sorry for that weird question :smile:

you just need use LOD/appear system for your map, best using ECS.

use LOD you need or appear close objects you need, load from disc only what is needed(close elements).

also you need care about float accuracy for big values, so you need “relate [scene graph/physics] to some camera near points”

dont know what to tell you more.

First video isnt really big map trully, could do it using single basic Terrain in JME without float accuracy care.

But, it usually mean you need own Map Editor, not SDK one.


What does that stand for ?

ECS = “Entity Component System”

Zay-ES is a component system library that works directly with JME. But the topic itself is a big one and the learning curve is initially steep but long-term rewarding.

The Zay-ES wiki is not necessarily the best place to start learning about ECS but it’s an ok place to start learning about Zay-ES.

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Okay , i will do a search & when i come with something , i will post it here
Thanks @oxplay2 , @pspeed

And note: ECS has nothing to do with managing a large scene itself but it’s about managing the large number of game objects that usually comes with a large scene.

“Large scene” needs to be better defined. It’s either big enough to fit in RAM or it needs to be paged as the player moves around. Another aspect is if it’s small enough to be accurate within floating point accuracy. (For example, a space game might have a small level from a RAM perspective but a large level from a coordinate perspective.)

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yeh , i am reading about Zay-ES now , what i understand from it , is that it such like mixed or a large number of game states , but i am searching for something like Blender GIS add-on :

but i donot mind if start making the map from scratch or importing a base-map then modifying it & adding components

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then you need precise what you exactly need.

it all depends on you.

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IF: you want worlds bigger than can be loaded at one time
THEN: you need paging. There is nothing built in for that.

IF: you want worlds bigger than can accurately be represented in float (x,y,z > 65000 for sure… 6500 to be safe.)
THEN: you need to build your local view around the player from double-precision world data and it almost necessarily means you need paging.

There is nothing built into JME for this though there are some external libraries that help.

For what it’s worth, I build nearly all of my games/tech demos this way and each one has been a little different. So it’s not 100% clear how much JME even could provide in this area.

Game development is hard. Harder games are harder.