Laser Beam

Hey All,

First…I want to say how great you guys have been with questions from new people such as myself. I think you've literally saved me time, frustration and hair :slight_smile:

So, onto my next fun challenge. How do you create a laser beam with glow a la Babylon 5 or something. I searched the forums and, unfortunately most of the posts seem to be quite old…so I was wondering if anyone has tackled this recently…

What I have right now is little, finite cylinders firing from my ship…but I'd like to have a continuous beam. Are cylinders the right way to contruct a continuous beam? Or is a particl effect (…like a line particle…) a better approach?



i implemented exactly such a laser beam and its a combinatino of both in my case. i took a texture that looks like a laser beam (fading out to the sides) and put it onto a quad (width= 1, height=17000 (or so)) that faces up with its long side (its shooting straight up). i rotate it around the Y-axid to always face the camera, like that it has the right perspective and looks like a good laser beam (since i made the texture myself  ;)). Then, to add some effect, i put a swarm particle effect to the origin of the laser beam and another particle effect to shoot up 'with the laser beam' to suggest that there is actually light 'shooting' up.

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I am about to implement something like this myself, but have not yet decided how… Was planning to just try out using a line and rendering it in a bloom pass… I just do not know if it will get fuzzied then…

Anyways I will probably end up using a quad and a texture like teh previous poster… Just that I will want to animate the texture… at least a couple of frames :slight_smile:

The Furballz game also has some nice laser effects:

u can simply use a quad with a color texture then apply blooming on the quad.

Thanks guys…I'll give all your suggestions a try and see what happens.

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