Latest build of jme 2 not compiling

just checked out the lastest build from svn and ran the ant script and got

    [javac] /Users/noellynch/code/java/jmeCheckout/jmonkeyengine-read-only/src/com/jme/scene/state/lwjgl/records/ cannot find symbol

    [javac] symbol  : variable GL_SUBTRACT_ARB

    [javac] location: class org.lwjgl.opengl.ARBTextureEnvCombine

    [javac]                return ARBTextureEnvCombine.GL_SUBTRACT_ARB;

thought it might be a lwjgl issue so downloaded 1.1.4 and then got an even greater number of errors…

any suggestions…

They have been busy at the lwjgl camp - lwjgl 2 rc 2.

You need lwjgl 2 rc1 ( unless its now rc2 )

replaced lwjgl with version 2.0 rc2 and jme compile target still bugs out with the above error…