Latest CVS Dump

We just dumped a bunch of minor bug fixes/improvements into CVS. Due to the fact that I had to be selective with the changes that were donated, there is a good possibility that there is now a broken dependancy in CVS. Let me know ASAP if 1. There is now a compilation error or 2. This broke someones code.

everything works fine for me on windows

Any of those fixes relating to the 3DS importer? :o


Shadows are messed up here:

no compile errors, no broken code.

but i noticed a thing:

public Spatial getChild(String name)

first searches in depth for a node with the given name. so if, for example, the node hast 2 children and you want to retreive the 2nd child by name, the whole branch of the 1st child is searched first. i don't think this is the best way to search for a named node.

True, that'll be improved.

Any of those fixes relating to the 3DS importer?

No, but I will give an update on that front:

3DS Importer is not something we're interested in the .3ds format is old and, well, crappy. We went with ASE for awhile, and got a complete loader in up to the point of the animations. However, we realized that poor documentation and poor tagging of animations made it cumbersome to continue on with. So, we looked to the future, for both jME and the company. We did go with COLLADA, and have written an importer with it.

COLLADA is (hopefully) on its way to becoming the defacto standard, with Sony's big push on the PS3. As such, other groups were looking to use it as their intermediate format of choice, so we figured we'd lead the way.

We have a complete COLLADA importer (but do not yet fully support the FX and Physics extensions for it). This includes Skeleton Animations and Skinning. The Bone/Skin system is generic for any type of format (although we are only using it with COLLADA at the moment).

When we are able to donate this? I have no idea, but it probably won't be real soon, but shouldn't be all that late either.

That's great news.  How difficult will it be to export a 3D Studio Max object to COLLADA?  I look forward to seeing further developments on this.  Do we get to see any of the changes you've made to the .3ds and .ase extension support even though you abandoned it?


will the other loaders be kept or replaced if this is donated, because collada support is still terribly narrow only max7.1, 8, maya 6,7, not many have or can afford that and blender's is far from being full featured AFAIK. can changes made to jme to accomadate collada break external loader code I use md5 for skeletal at the moment

As far as the latter question, no.  No changes for COLLADA support will mes up any of the other loaders that are already in existence.  They are simply separate utilities that bring an outside model and deserialize it to jME.


yup , *.3ds is quite old and crappy. (those breaks in the mesh when two uvs are found..)

collada in blender does not support bones and weights export yet, but perhaps it will appear soon. Or perhaps not.

For now, we use md5 , and indeed, we're basing all animation stuff in md5, as works great (blender exporter is fantastic, and the loader for jme worked perfect) and .md5anim files are funnily small in kb size.

we use obj for statics...only I'd love to find a way to translate vertex colors into the loaded obj, from a file porting them...that is, one still uses obj as scenery format, but imports another file to extract from it the vertex colors (ie: x or vrml... or even ase. )