Latest CVS sources-- Is this the right group? o.O

I'm not sure this is the right place to put this kind of question, but I didn't see a more appropriate one.

I just downloaded the most recent source from CVS, and found that there have been some major changes to the InputSystem which render several things in the tutorials obsolete.  Since I'm just learning jME, I'd like to help out by keeping the wiki as up-to-date as I can, but I wanted to ask first if the HEAD branch of CVS is the current accepted "release" spec.  Basically, is HEAD where finalized interfaces and such go, or is it the devs' playground?

I realize jME is still in heavy development, but I'm assuming that there are some guidelines in place for this kind of thing.  Please tell me where to find them if this is the case. :slight_smile:

– Kintar

It's more of an in-between both of those.  It is where development occurs, but should have no check-ins that break jME.  It may cause applications implementing jME to break because of code changes, but that can be expected.  If you are trying to go through the wiki I would suggest downloading the release JARs for 0.9 and use them as this can cause a great deal of confusion.  I believe Irrisor just recently added the input changes.  The input system has needed a re-write for a while and this is good news. :wink:

As for the wiki itself, I'm assuming we want to keep it updated to the current release, not to what is in CVS.  Although this is unfortunate for those of us who are running from CVS, it just makes more sense for people that are just beginning to learn jME.

Hope that helps,


Learn using the released version - that's always the safest option when learning.

Although, the wiki is pretty much based on the CVS. Otherwise things will get behind too fast, and way to difficult to go back and update.

Is there any way to have different updates of the wiki be linked?  For example, for 0.9 the input system has not been changed and the current wiki would suffice, but for 0.10 it will need to be revised (or even just for people using CVS) so can we not update the wiki and still have a pointer to the old revision?  I don't know if Doku supports this.


Not really, and I'm not worried about it. The differences are not worth maintaining two seperate documentation bases.

strange … i downloaded the sources as well.

I didnt see much change when going through the lessons.

Of course they didnt compile but (thumbs up for the developers) the api is well documented and it is rather easy to modify the tutorials (even with now knowledge as i am a newbie here as well).

If someone is interested i could of course simply mail my changed lessons (1-5 so far) and one could integrate it into the wiki (i dont know if i am "allowed" to do that myself :wink: )

You are more than allowed to do that yourself, you are encouraged. :slight_smile: However, if you are uncomfortable, just e-mail them to me (mark at jmonkeyengine dot com)