Latest Stable Update Broke Project

I do not know how long the latest update has been up, but before, i was using the previous update(which at the time was the latest update). Just yesterday i updated to the latest update, and now the project runs incorrectly.

  1. the mouse doesn’t release when code tells it to
  2. guiNode.detachAllChildren() doesn’t seem to do anything

    the same code worked 30 mins before, now it has a bunch of stuff i can’t change to fix. i can’t test it further because i can’t release the mouse to finish running my project.
  1. release the mouse :?
  2. yes it does



public void simpleInitApp() {




setGui(new Gui(guiFont));

setInputHandler(new InputHandler(inputManager));

setExplosions(new ArrayList<Effects>());

//gun = assetManager.loadModel(“Models/Pistol/gun.obj”);

setSceneNode(new Node(“scene”));

billboardNode = new Node(“billboard”);





apparently it doesn’t…

although works once a player model has created.

and the guinode still shows the framerate and other stats.

Yeah im also getting similar problems

@ninetailfox97: A method full of calls to your own methods doesn’t tell me anything :?

@aquambush: What problems?

sorry about being vague, but the methods that aren’t working are the ones i took from the tutorials.

guiNode.detachAllChildren() is not my own method, but it is not working.

Main.getApp().getInputManager().setCursorVisible(true) is hard to tell, but its the setCursorVisible(true) method to release the mouse(also not working)

The problems having to do with not being able to remove stats and making mouse visible in simpleInitApp()

If you want to disable the stats they are now an appstate you can access via getStateManager().getState(StatsAppState.class);

SimpleApplication used to be hard coded with all of this stuff. I moved it to app states so that if you don’t want it then you can easily not include it.

If you want no default behavior at all then give your SimpleApplication subclass a no-arg constructor that calls super(null).

Or if you want some of the default behavior you could just use some of these:

super( new StatsAppState(), new FlyCamAppState(), new DebugKeysAppState() );

By default, SimpleApplication adds all of them.

The reason there is an issue is because these app states are initialized after simpleInit(). So if you leave them in then they won’t add GUI elements and stuff until simpleInit().

Making an app call guiNode.detachAllChildren() in simpleInit() was an ugly ugly hack and now not only do you not have to… but it doesn’t work. I wasn’t able to easily maintain backwards compatibility in this case.

Oh thank you so much!

ah, that fixed everything. thanks for clearing that up, and also giving an explanation. will there be a page listing all the possible appstates?

The documentation should be updated but I’m lazy. Any app state will work there. I just split out SimpleApplication’s old hard-coded behavior into three separate app states… shown above.