Latest SVN, Solid Colors instead of 3D Geometry [FXAA Filter Broken]

Hey all,

After updating to the latest SVN, my 3D geometry has been replaced with solid colors that take up the whole screen. When my viewport moves, the entire screen flickers to other colors (kind of like one pixel is being stretched across the whole screen). GUI stuff renders fine over the solid colors, and the test projects work fine, so I suspect it is my custom shader causing problems with the recent shader updates. I removed the FixedFunc stuff from my j3md, because that caused an exception. I’m not sure if my solid colors problem is related to this change:

Edit: looks like it is the FXAA filter…

(I know I’m “not suppose to use the SVN”, but I’m working on a game not released yet, so I like to work along the SVN releases; I’m also helping find potential bugs in SVN releases while making sure my game will be compatible with the direction jME3 is heading – if it goes really bad, I always can revert to the latest BETA release…)

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Looks like FXAA is broken. When I remove that post filter, my 3D geometry is back.

I’m also noticing my point lights to behave differently (much darker)…

EDIT: Confirmed it is FXAA by adding the FXAAFilter to the TestBloom project, which breaks it.

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Remy fixed it, thanks.

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