Launch video.ogg in jme3

Hello everyone. I would like to upload a video in countdown.ogg jme3, that when I change the level you start this video. Can you give me some advice. I tried to use testVideoPlayer but I can not make it work.

Thanks to all

Unfortunately video playback is currently unsupported in jME3. There’s a chance it won’t make it in for beta. If you are unable to implement it yourself you’re just going to have to keep up with the latest updates and hope for the best. I highly recommend putting your efforts into a different part of your project in the meantime.

You could do a copy/paste of blender video playback :D.

For glaucomardano: I did not understand what you mean by copy/paste from blender?

for erlend_sh: does not work? Can you give me some advice how to make a countdown from one level to another, for example 3 2 1 go