Launcher Can't Download Packages?

Hey all, got a problem I can’t seem to find a solution for. I’m currently working on a uni assignment where one of the primary requirements is that my application has to be run on a browser. Unfortunately (as you can probably see in the link), the applet created within the sdk says it cannot download the packages.

java.lang.Exception: failed to download code.jar after 3 attempts

at org.lwjgl.util.applet.AppletLoader.downloadJars(


at Source)

The applet runs fine from local jars/htmls in chrome and IE and I’ve re-uploaded all of them like 30 times to make sure.

Nice to meet you all as well :smiley:

Firewall? Antivirus? Stuff like that probably.

I’ve tried on three different machines. Unless you mean stuff to do with the host?

I can’t download it either, seems your jar file is corrupted.

normen was right. Just for future reference guys if you get this bug, make sure the files are complete on the host. Apparently the host I had was restricting the file uploads to just short of the actual data file (even though their file limit advertised was much higher). I switched to a paid host and bought a cheap .com, Same files; now working.