Launcher skiping

Hello everyone,

I wana use jME for 3Dview, as a part of my application called Flatdesigner. I think there is told everything. I am beginner, need more complex application, cant express everything in eng. well :smiley: so…

My app. will be simple 2D flat designer with one “magic” button “3DView” and then you will be able to walk around your furniture. So I need to launch jME part from my application without launcher if possible. I rather setup launcher properties in code. How to do it? Thank you for your replyes!


public static void main(String[] args) {

Main app = new Main();

AppSettings s = new AppSettings(true);








There are more settings on the AppSettings object :slight_smile:

Have a look at the tutorials, they are great. You might want to consider a JmeCanvas for embedding into a swing GUI.


The tutorials can be found here:

It’s a going to give you a great start!

yes, I saw them. thank you once again :slight_smile: