Can anyone assisit me i’m having issues with my launcher i’ve had it for a while and have been changing it around however i’m having an issue breaking apart resolution, refreshrate, and bitdepth. I’m unable to properly seperate them it loads every possible cariation of the 3 components. For resolution i’ve been able to put the height and width seperatly using set and converting them into arrays however i’m stuck after that. I would like to Create a reolution, bitdepth and refresh rate list box. I checked the launcher for jME and GameSettings Panel however it seems to generically load the resolution values and i’d rather use the other method. However would u suggest i simply create a couple generic values similar to the way jME does it and set 800x600 and 1280x1024 and forget trying to do it by what the user machine actually supports??

I used this to do it (where it is comented important)HERE

this is the way when it loads every value HERE I was having issues so i borrowed some code from a very old radakan build however i’m still having issues can anyone assist