LeapMotion, Viewports, and the Ortho Queue


I’ve recently acquired a LeapMotion device and (More on LeapMotion here: https://leapmotion.com) I’ve had some luck getting it into JME3. I would like to improve the UI a bit, however by adding a black rectangle near the bottom right of the screen in order for the user to “see” where the device is tracking fingers, hands, tools, etc…

My thought is to create an additional viewport colored black with white spheres set to render in the ortho bucket, but I’m not sure how to go about doing so or if I’m even on the right track. I can see how viewports are created in the Application.java source…it seems rather trivial, but for this use-case, i’m not sure where to point the camera. I’ll gladly produce a screencast of this once I get it working. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Hey jagwire

I’m also a Leap beta developer and I’m curious if you made any progress on your goal.
I’m working on a game explained in the developer forum here.


Well depending on wahts in the main viewport i would probably go the way of adding a quad,
and render with a different viewport into the texture displayed by it. (see the render to texture examples)

Using spheres in ortho should work fine, (though i would probably instead use quads with a circle painted on them)

(EDIT: Just saw the original post was qute old, well too late)