Learning advice (improve your learning)

Hello monkeys,

I have found a video today that I think is interesting to everyone here. As you know, game development always has to do with a lot of learning. As it very inspired me, I want to share it with you.

The channel is devoted to Blender, but the advices in the video are applicable for just everything you want to learn. The video takes about 20mins.

Happy learning! :grinning:


Big fan of Blender Guru, his rendering tutorials are second to none.


Here I’ve listed the points mentioned during the videos once again, so you may remember the content while you read them:

  • #1 Set a clearly defined goal
  • #2 Deconstruct
  • #3 Set a practice routine
  • #4 Set a release schedule
  • #5 Find and attack your weaknesses
  • #6 Get Critiques
  • #7 Give yourself consequence