Legal issues with BSP

I noticed that mojomonk wants to put in BSP sorting into JME. I remember form other engines that tare are legal issues with BSP and I want to recommend looking into these issues before adding it to JME.

You are probably thinking of the Quake resources issues. There is nothing about BSP itself that has legal issues, but if we use BSP to create a Quake map loader, we must make sure we don’t have an official Quake map in the tests.

argh, that guest was me.

ok, cant edit that post…there’s a bad url there, the QUARK map editor :

correct one:

today was done, but is temporary.

I suggest that we make the xml support BSP and compile the the BSP into the xml files. We would not need to use a thread party compiler. I do not know enough abut BSP to know if it is possible.


I am not a programmer, so I don’t know what can be easier. But to mention one thing: *.map files is the typical format previous to bsp compile. I mean, typical map editors (as I said, I prefer advanced modeller, but a big number of users, level editors that come from modding field, and programers that can’t afford the time wast on learnin a fuly featured 3d package, this via is important.Previously I did discouraged this way, now someone made me realize due to existing editors, is important for many people) do save files in map format (or similar) , and that is hl, or q3 map type…

As there’s just only one -and freaking good and advanced- free for comercial use, I’d recommend even make an importer for the native quark format if it has one… I mean, I dunno if is best possibility; maybe would be interesting.

But…also…could be a problem. A bsp is the compiled map. The fact is that I think that lightmaps are generated inside the bsp compiler. Indeed, main reason of many level editing ppl of yet use bsp, is for its automatic generation of lightmaps, thanks to the lights created and configured in the editor…but I think the actual routines for generating the TGA or whatever th ebitmap format lightmap, do exist only in the BSP compiler, which seems to be key here…

In that term, there are then two ways … the bsp generated by ZHLT tools for HL1… which are totally free, very tested inmany HL mods, and said to be very very good, or…the untested, but probaly good, GETIC 3d(that includes editor and compiler…haven’t had the time to check which is better: Quark, or Getic, as an editor. Neither which BSP compiler is more featured or advanced, or easier, ZHLT tools for bsp hl1, or the custom bsp generated by GETIC), which url I also provided up there.

Sure there are enough sources for whatever.

I have seen people making bsp loading routines for other engines, so it is doable.

back to the first thing said in this thread :

" noticed that mojomonk wants to put in BSP sorting into JME"

If that’s what is wanted to be done…As for now then it’d better be Halflife 1 BSP type, or Huston, we’ll have a problem :wink:

That or the getic one I mentioned…but not totally sure about the free use…well, in the page says freeware, and sources are provdided…or at least , an amount of them.The pitty is that is not tested so widely, and that while a lot of people already produce HL1 bsp, can’t be said of getic. But heh, is a question to see which is more advanced or convenient, and so to a bsp loader for one, or the other…

well, that’s only my 2 cents, of course. If u feel too much in the mood of doing a q3 bsp…but the oficial Id one, can’t be used for comercial, and the ydnar one either, as is derived from the oficial. And there’s no more…

" I do not know enough abut BSP to know if it is possible."

I don’t know a word either. Only that ppl say the lightmaps generation algorythms are not easy.

I dunno, but I suspect doing ur own bsp compiler gonna be quite complex, way more than just doing a bsp loader…

of course, it’d be plainly lovable if for example, u made a *.map converter or whatever the native format of QUARK is , which converted it to XML. And then generate internally your BSP.

SOunds quite long , for what I have heared to coders.

Torque and Dark Basic pro, I think directly supported HL1 BSPs, and I am almost totally sure it was for zhlt tools was the only free for comercial compiler…