Legal question: creating & distributing normal-, light-.. maps based on copyrighted diffusemaps

Our Dungeon Keeper 2 remake project (Kaljis83 - YouTube) could use some modern touch ups. Normal maps & bloom & what not. My question is, that they would be based of course on the original Dungeon Keeper 2 diffuse maps; which we do not own rights nor distribute, *can the produced maps be distributed with our game?

They are useless by their own, but I’m just not sure about this… Normal maps we could generate as a start (from the user’s copy of DK II), that would be ok. But I’m sure this is not how professionals work with graphics.

I think without consulting a lawyer you are really in a grey area here. They are certainly a derivative work… I just don’t know if they are close enough to garner protection. Better to err on the side of caution, I’d say.

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All assets on a game are under copyright laws, if defined so. The first thing you have to do is to read the copyright and ToS. Normally, you can’t copy, modify or derive their work. So, yes, you are breaking a law.

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Thanks for your answers. Better be sure and leave any *maps out for now. EA will sue us anyway :slight_smile: Shame.