Lemur DragHandler example

I am looking at converting from Nifty to Lemur but I’m struggling with implementing drag and drop. I’m aware of the DragHandler class but I can’t find any good examples of its use. Does anyone have some useful sample code of its use?

DragHandler is pretty basic and probably not suitable for drag and drop where interaction between source and target are necessary. This is kind of a tricky thing and Lemur doesn’t have a whole lot built in (yet) to handle this.

There was another thread on this topic where another user and I went into some detail about this. I don’t remember the link but maybe you can find it through searching (or that other user might remember if they see this thread).

I’ve done drag-and-drop in my own code a few times but each time was a little different and I haven’t settled onto what the “core” solution will be just yet.