Lemur library enhanced by Textselect and ScrollModes

thanks, i will analyze it.

In between, however, bug report:
“Error when calculating with scale> 1f”
2 x getWorldScale() is missing.
Corrected code:

   public int [] getTextlineYX(int [] coordinatesXY) {
        int theposition[] = {0,0};
        float y;
        int i =0;
        boolean last =false;

        float xmin = bitmapText.getWorldTranslation().getX();
        float xmax = textBox.width * bitmapText.getWorldScale().x +xmin;

        float ymin = bitmapText.getWorldTranslation().getY();
        float ymax = ymin - textBox.height * bitmapText.getWorldScale().y;