Lemur - Tree Component

I’m looking into Lemur, my experience with Nifty did not go well. Spent over 3 days just trying to get windows to display together, just didn’t see any real world tutorials to help and the manual was pretty generic on its features.
To much stuff just to get something working, and understanding documents where hard.

Does Lemur have a Tree or checkbox Component, I don’t see something like this in the wiki doc or javadoc.


It definitely has a checkbox. Checkbox (lemur 1.15.0 API)

No one has implemented a tree component yet. I will need one soon also but it’s one of the kinds of components that is easier to write for a specific use-case than all possible use-cases. (This is why one doesn’t exist yet… even Swing’s tree component was half-garbage.)

Depending on your needs, it may not be hard to roll one together.

In case it helps, there is a SceneGraphListBox implementation you can take a look at here:

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Its not the custom version but if you need something like that you should look to @JaRe implementation.