Lemur version 1.10.1 released and several other Simsilica tools

I made a sweep through all of the jcenter-published Simsilica projects and cut releases for any that had unreleased changes. So lots of new stuff, minor and major.

All of these are up and ready on jcenter.

Lemur version 1.10.1:

changelog: https://github.com/jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/Lemur/releases/download/v1.10.1/Lemur-changelog.txt

Highlights: mouse wheel event support, DocumentModel refactoring, and a new PasswordField

Lemur-proto version 1.9.1:

changelog: https://github.com/jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/Lemur/releases/download/lemur-proto-v1.9.1/LemurProto-changelog.txt

Highlights: ListBox supports mouse wheel scrolling and has some other fixes to effect/action triggering.

SimMath version 1.1.1:

changelog: https://github.com/Simsilica/SimMath/releases/download/sim-math-v1.1.1/release-notes.md

Highlights: just added toAngles() to Quatd.

SiO2 version 1.1.0:

changelog: https://github.com/Simsilica/SiO2/releases/download/sio2-v1.1.0/release-notes.md

Highlights: some EventBus fixes/enhancements.

Simsilica/Examples updates:

I added a new network-basic example to the examples project: GitHub - Simsilica/Examples: Example applications for various Simsilica libraries, singly or in combination.

This is the base app that I forked to make each of the sim-eth examples and is basically a blank canvas for anyone wanting to start a network game. It has a logo-splash, a main menu, screens for connecting or hosting a game, and the workflow for that. It sets up the basic client/server stuff with no game logic at all.

I also setup the README.md page for that project that describes all of the examples and how to run them.

Enjoy and happy coding/updating.


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As always, great job!!

Cheers Paul. I use Lemur virtually by default these days. Great work man. Thank you.

Nice, well done!

I hope one day I can buy you a beer, dude… :wink:


Only because then you’d get to drink it yourself… since I don’t drink. :slight_smile:

But yeah, it would definitely be fun to hang out in person someday.


Thank you for the new release. Thank you for your dedication.

Thank you for your dedication.

Mouse wheel :slight_smile: Thank you so much.

Wait a moment… if you don’t drink beers… why is your patreon for??? :chimpanzee_lobotized:

Thanks for the libs, btw.

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donuts, he clearly states that :slight_smile:

Is that even possible? -O-, I though patreon was forbidding anything but beers… Hm… I’ll have to open my mind :wink:

In my ~45.5 years on this planet, I have never had a beer (or any other alcoholic beverage). All of my brain cells are still firmly where I left them… which is bad enough as it is. :slight_smile:

I have had more than my fair share of pepsis and doughnuts… though not at the same time because that would be gross.


@pspeed hi, i’m new to jm3d, lemur, and droid. Taking lemur for a spin. Great work. It’s a fun UI tool.
I’ve just attempted to use lemur and lemur-proto on android, and i have two questions.

  1. Is lemur-proto intended for use in a production application?
  2. My android app gradle build breaks with:

Error:Execution failed for task ‘:app:transformResourcesWithMergeJavaResForDebug’.

More than one file was found with OS independent path ‘com/simsilica/lemur/style/base/glass-styles.groovy’

16 AM

They are both needed, correct? If so, then is the right path to configure IDE to join them together when it executes the task ‘:app:transformResourcesWithMergeJavaResForDebug’ ?

Have you seen this issue before? If so, can you point me down the correct path to address it?

Yes, if it works for you then it’s fine.

The thing about lemur-proto is just that the API may change in the future as things evolve. It’s essentially my incubator before moving them to lemur core. I try to never making any breaking changes to lemur core… but it may happen in lemur-proto with newer versions.

For a particular version, you are fine… and indeed some of the stuff even in proto is very stable.

As to the android issue, I can’t comment. I think some people have gotten Lemur to work on Android but they had to work around some groovy related issues. If you don’t load styles then you may be able to just filter those out or something.

@pspeed thanks for the fast reply!

Just got the drag and drop demo to work on android :slight_smile:

Works pretty dang good.

I configured my build to merge the two groovy files by adding the following snippet to my app’s build.gradle under the android section:

packagingOptions {
merge ‘com/simsilica/lemur/style/base/glass-styles.groovy’

I’ll keep an eye out on the lemur-proto versions for any changes, but looks like i’m moving forward with it.

thanks again.

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