Length of the texture

Hey everyone.

Who can tell me what is the greates size of a texture available?

Recently I used a texture (for testing purposes) that has 512 pixel in height and about 24000 pixels in width :smiley:

The result scene loaded but the model is totally black.

When I reduced the width of the texture to about 6000 pixels then it reappeared again.

I’m sure that in both cases UV mapping was fine.

Is this a bug or is it blocked somehow in jme???


Doesn’t each video card has a max texture size embedded? I’m not sure on that and what kind of effect it would have though.

Ask the video card, you can get the caps with the low level calls from lwjglgl.

common are the 8k and the 16k sizes or in case of older cards 4k or even 2k

I wonder that it does nto give you a low level api error somehow, seems like a driver bug.

Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

That was indeed the texture size matter.

GL11 defines the maximum texture size and I just had to use it.

Please do not use direct GL calls, especially not for this purpose.

First of all, it won’t work on Android or JOGL. It also won’t work if the model was imported from another thread.

Also, it sort of defeats the purpose if the model was imported in the SDK, it would use the setting of the development machine and not user machine.

Most “relevant” cards should support up to 2K resolution …