LensFlare behind and before

Hi, my name is Christian and Im new to jME.<br /> Ive tried the examples and tutorials and now I

Sounds more like an issue with the ray casting/testing alg. used in the lensflare to me.

I used the lensflare from the TestLensFlare class.

Im also having problems with the lens flare. Ive been playing around with the TestLensFlare and have noticed some funny behaviour.

When I comment out the following line, and the light (flare) moves out of the cameras view (off the left hand side) the lens flares still show in the display window until you carry on quite a bit further.


It seems ok when the lightBox is attached - does the LensFlare need a child object to render correctly? And what happens if you have multiple lensflare, can you add a Spatial to multiple flares?
I've also noticed strange behaviour when removing other boxes from this Test where the flares disappear of the display even though it should be in full view.

Something strange seems to happen everytime I use flare and I dont understand the weird linking between Flares, LightNodes, rootNodes using setRootNode, setTarget and attachChild (I mapped this out on paper and ended up with a retarded spider web) - seems a bit unnecessary to me.