Lessen2 - Setting can't be resolved


I'm trying to make the application from lesson2 but at the initSystem method

              width = settings.getWidth();

height = settings.getHeight();

depth = settings.getDepth();

freq = settings.getFreq();

fullscreen = settings.getFullscreen();

for this 5 row my eclips say thet settings can't be resold. I use jMe 1.0 and lwjgl 1.1.4 and than I changed lwjgl for 2.1.0 but the same problem appeared.

Is anyone who know why?

The version in the Wiki, uses jme2 code.

You can see the old jme1 version here: http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/wiki/doku.php?id=loading_the_environment&rev=1228599345

But its better if you don't use the code from the wiki, but the code which comes with the jme1 and 2 source in the jmetest.flagrushtut package.