Let’s discuss jMonkeyEngine 3.4

v3.4.0-alpha7 has been released. It’s available from MavenCentral (but not from Bintray/JCenter).

JME v3.4 remains open for new features, but may close without warning. At that point, a “v3.4” branch will be created, and beta testing will begin.


I have finished most of the examples about the new Animation system , i am currently constructing the java docs around those couple of simple examples please check them , i know this may be not sufficient anyway , this is my progress in case anyone needs to add anything on :


Would actually Stencil Bits & Depth Buffer affect that also ? , So he may try to keep everything as default & test that.

o_O No.

“The sides of things facing away from the light are darker than the sides facing the light.” can only be caused by two things that I know of: using the lighting materials, or casting shadows.

Lighting will change the coloring based on whether the face is towards or away from the light.

Shadow processors/renderers may paint black+alpha on all of the faces facing away from the light.

I mean, sure… but it’s more of a curiosity at this point in case he was curious why he saw lighting-like behavior from an unshaded material. Respectfully, I feel like you sometimes don’t really fully read the issues to which you are responding.


Okay , sorry about that , I would make sure of what I read & my replies multiple times before posting , Sorry.

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